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GIGLIETTI: Howard Schultz is the Key for Democrats.

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GIGLIETTI: Howard Schultz is the Key for Democrats.


As more leftist politicians such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are formally announcing their campaigns, and centrists such as Joe Biden or Beto O’Rourke have remained silent so far, debates have sparked over whether or not an extremely left candidate, or a Democratic Socialist (as Bernie Sanders has categorized himself as), could topple Donald Trump.

While Donald Trump’s approval rating is reaching record lows due to the border wall ordeal, he seems to have a firm grasp on the GOP nomination, and can relatively boast strong economic success. With expensive policies such as Medicare For All and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s environmental legislation, the more radical left could be proposing a steep price for American taxpayers.

And while their social policies look incredibly appealing to the majority of the country, the Democrats are going to need something to drive away Trump’s socialist portrayal of Democrats.

A quick solution to a Bernie Sanders nomination is a strong independent that draws in votes from Trump’s demographic. While the working-class, anti-globalization voters will never switch allegiances, one person can single-handedly siphon all of Trump’s elitist supporters: Howard Schultz.

The former Starbucks CEO is being dubbed as an elite billionaire simply seeking more power by the Democrats, which is an unbelievably perfect situation. If Schultz were to run as an Independent, he would be a billionaire hated by the Democrats.

In theory, from the perspective of most upper-class conservatives, he is the candidate to vote for come Election Day 2020. His “conscious-capitalism” excites the wealthy, and in general Donald Trump’s tactics with China have not been the best case scenario for big business executives. The ongoing tariff war with China has significantly hurt big corporations, and now many upper-tier businessmen are upset with Trump over his standstill diplomacy.

Schultz would cripple Trump’s presence in many swing states, and Trump would lose the few votes he would get in urban areas. Although a radical Democratic candidate could be enough to remove Trump from the White House, Schultz would be the nail in the coffin if the Democrats continue to give him a bad name publicly, while putting him on a silver platter for fiscally-conservative, socially-liberal Republicans.

Noah Gigletti is a Lead Contributor for theDailyLead.


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