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OPINION: Border Walls Work, And We Need One Immediately.


OPINION: Border Walls Work, And We Need One Immediately.


October 26, 2006 was the day that would lead a fiery debate and create political chaos. President Bush was in the White House to sign one of the most famous House Resolutions into law: The Secure Fence Act of 2006. This bill authorized construction of “physical infrastructure enhancements” along the Mexican/American border, but no outrage ensued.

The final vote was 80-19, with Senator Kennedy (D-MA) being the only Senator not voting. Here’s where the vote gets murky.

Staunch never-Trumpers such as Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Joe Biden (D-DE), Hilary Clinton (D-NY), and then- Senator and President Obama (D-IL) all voted in favor of building a barrier along the southern border in a failed effort to deter illegal immigration.

Flash forward to when President Trump has introduced the idea of a ‘Wall’, and these same people enact identity politics and fraudulent resentment because of the man representing the Presidency. The truth could not be more blatant that what has transpired during this year’s government shutdown.

Let’s begin with Chuck Schumer. During the shutdown, Leader Schumer blocked a bill to pay the Coast Guard. His logic? “President Trump is responsible”. To make matters worse, Senator Schumer said in 2009 that “Illegal immigration is wrong”, the border fence made the southern border “far more secure[…]created a significant barrier to illegal immigration”, and that the U.S needed a “significant barrier to illegal immigration.” Why the drastic flip flop?

To oppose the President.

Then- Senator Obama was quoted in saying “we simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked.” Once a clear advocate for border security, Obama now finds himself in a blunder after continuously contradicting his stance on making sure the vital national security of our nation is fixed and tight.

When accepting the Democratic Presidential nominee, candidate Hillary Clinton said, “We will not build a wall“. Senator Biden said in 2006 called for fencing to stop drugs flowing across “corrupt Mexico”. Now he says a wall is the “wrong answer”. So much for being a moderate Democrat.

After seeing the Democratic transparency that has now transpired into party politics and obstructionism, let’s face the full facts: a border wall on our southern border is necessary.

In saying the wall is an ‘immorality‘, Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer piggybacked on their hypocrisy and said that the humanitarian crisis on our southern border is ‘manufactured‘. Unfortunately, The Washington Post, no ally of President Trump, disagreed. The analysis concluded that, in response to President Trump rightfully so calling for the construction of a border wall, is a ‘bona fide emergency‘.

Even fellow Democrat and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer disavowed Pelosi’s comments, saying walls ‘do work‘.

The necessity for additional immigration judges and border agents pleads for President Trump to step outside of the box and think about the bigger picture. For starters, a record number of migrant families are immigrating to the United States as well as the number of family units who have applied. A superabundance of over 800,000 cases that have been backlogged call on action that has been implored since the crisis begun.

An issue that Democrats have deflected, dodged, and even made idiotic analogies to are the problematic issues that illegal aliens cause. Thousands of law-abiding Americans are killed by illegal immigrants, and the political Left still remains silent over a condemnatory subject.

Not to mention, the average American supports a wall. A Morning Consult poll shows that more than 79% of registered voters say there’s a ‘crisis’ at our southern border. Voter support shot up to 43% of Americans that support the structure.

Trump’s strict asylum policy will help curb illegal immigration in various ways, such as filling the holes of catch and release as well as destructive loopholes. But what is buying Trump the election more and more as 2020 approaches is the Democrats tactics in saying the wall is ‘ineffective‘, as said by disappointed parents Schumer and Pelosi during the rebuttal conference, where they look like they’ve just found out their son had broken a window.

Of course, it doesn’t come as a shock when Democrats failed President Trump’s proposal to offer a three year extension for DACA recipients in return for wall funding. You’d think this is what the Left wants, right? Wrong. Instead of protecting 800,000+ immigrants whose legal status is in the hands of a gridlocked Democratic-majority House and GOP-majority Senate, Democrats are not worried for economy contributing migrants, but to solely obstruct and refuse any solution Trump has made.

Moreover, Leader Schumer even said in January of 2018 that, if Trump offered DACA in exchange for the wall, “He’s got it“.

Why? To achieve their resistance agenda.

Their tactics fail and deteriorate as they attempt to lead the American people in telling you false, deceptive lies instead of the hard hitting truth.

What they won’t tell you is approximately 650 miles of the southern border is guarded with a fence. What has been proven effective is the structure in Yuma, Arizona. Before a physical barrier was made, more than 800 illegal aliens per day were apprehended. Since then, border crossings have plummeted to 90%+.

In what has been hyper-sensationalized by the media to achieve a narrative, President Trump does not actually want one incessant border wall along the border, but that certain barriers be extended for a few hundred miles.

Laredo Community College, one of Texas’ most vulnerable border city and community college, solved the problem of illegal immigration by building an 8 foot tall fence. Even the Department of Homeland Security, the federal department in charge of a public security and protecting the southern border, wrote a public memo titled “Walls Work“.

The prime examples aren’t even in the U.S.

The Spain/Morocco border, also known as the Melilla border wall, is guarded by extreme fortification.

Source: Vox

Over multiple obstacles and barriers, hurdles are inevitable when attempting to cross into the Spanish territory. According to Vox, illegal crossings have decreased over 70% since the intricate barrier was built.

As President Trump has touted in the past, Israel’s wall is another ideal model on how walls are efficient. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) traveled to Israel to see the wall for himself and found that, after construction, “The number of illegal crossers on the Israel-Egypt border dropped after the construction of the fence, from more than 16,000 in 2011 to less than 20 in 2016—a 99 percent decrease.” (You can find the report here)

Look to the “Berm”, the 1700 mile long wall that stretches across the Sahara/Morocco border. With an accomplished goal to stop an Algerian sponsored terrorist group, it resulted in a cease fire and ended the Western Sahara Conflict.

The message is clear-cut: with glaring and self-evident facts, walls work and the U.S needs one immediately on our southern border. It is essential that the United States thwarts illegal immigration and is necessary to protect the sovereignty of our nation.

Jorge Velasco is the Founder and CEO of theDailyLead.

Jorge Velasco

Jorge Velasco is a 15 year old core conservative and Founder and CEO of theDailyLead.

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  1. Michael Shea February 2, 2019

    Great article. Facts not fiction- real news.


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