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ISWA Takes Nigerian Town

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ISWA Takes Nigerian Town


Nigerian national elections are fast approaching and are planned to be held on February 16 this year.

President Buhari was elected with hopes held by the citizenry that he would defeat the Boko Haram terror threat, but the fight against similar Islamic insurgencies continues. Islamic State West Africa (ISWA), a group that split from Boko Haram, is still giving the government plenty to fight against.

Just last month, ISWA took Baga, a town used as the headquarters by Chad, Cameroon, Niger, and Nigeria of a multiregional force to fight the extremists. The military was able to retake the town last week, saying it gave ISWA a “bloody nose.”

However, just this Monday evening, ISWA was able to overrun the town of Rann, dealing quite the blow to morale against the army and Buhari’s attempts to quash such extremist groups. Nigeria’s army has reportedly low morale in the face of an untiring force dealing hundreds of casualties, especially while they are low on equipment.

Boko Haram originally was formed as a Nigeria-centric Islamic extremist group but has expanded into a transnational force. It and related groups have a storied history in the region.

Caiman Cotton is a lead contributor to The Daily Lead.



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