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Catalan Separatist Leaders Declare Hunger Strike

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Catalan Separatist Leaders Declare Hunger Strike


Last year, Catalonia attempted to declare independence. Madrid then took direct control of the region and brought various charges against Catalan leaders, including rebellion and the misuse of public funds. Nine of the Catalan leaders are in jail awaiting trial.

Jordi Sanchez and Jordi Turull, two of the separatist leaders in custody, have announced that they have started refusing food in a form of protest against the Spanish courts not processing their appeals.

Jordi Sanchez has said he believes that he will not get a fair trial in Spain, but the Catalan separatist leaders would be acquitted if his case went to the European Court of Human Rights. A Spanish government spokesperson said that the separatist leaders would get a fair trial.

Though the Catalan government desires a referendum for independence, the Spanish government has said that it will not accept such a thing.

Caiman Cotton is a lead contributor to The Daily Lead.


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