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Two Injured in Stabbing Incident in London

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Two Injured in Stabbing Incident in London


Around 11:00 GMT on Friday, there was a call out to paramedics and firearms officers to Sony Music’s United Kingdom headquarters in London, England following a stabbing incident. With no evidence of terrorism or the use of firearms, the evacuation of the building was merely precautionary. The roads around the building located on Derry Street, Kensington have been closed.

An arrest has been made, with two known victims. One victim has been taken to a major trauma center with another victim going to a hospital. It would appear that neither victim has life threatening injuries.

The London Evening Standard newspaper reported that it appeared a fight had broken out. An unnamed witness told the newspaper, “There was a lot of shouting and commotion,” adding, “One had fallen over and was on his back and the other was standing over him. I thought he was raining punches down, but then I saw the knife.”

Caiman Cotton is a lead contributor for The Daily Lead.


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