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Bloomberg’s Switch to the Democratic Party is a Headache For All

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Bloomberg’s Switch to the Democratic Party is a Headache For All


Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided to switch to the Democratic Party. His shift in political stance is practically unprecedented, as he has gone from a Republican to an Independent, and now he is a Democrat. Such a sudden change has sparked anticipations of a 2020 presidential run. And it is causing problems for everyone.

For the Republicans, he is a nightmare of a candidate for Donald Trump. Bloomberg is not only fifteen times Trump’s alleged worth, but he is anything but liberal. Trump can quickly gather a fanbase by attacking very left-aisle candidates such as Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, and such criticism is exuded by his response to Senator Warren’s DNA test. The president has constantly berated his Democrat opponents with talks of corruption, collusion, and lies. He has referred to the Democrats’ plan for government as a metaphorical swamp that necessitates draining. Unfortunately the same does not apply for Bloomberg.

Bloomberg accrued his wealth through the heavily-chastised Wall Street and continues to be a loyal stalwart of its practices. The former mayor also has directly attacked the #MeToo movement by rushing to the defense of CBS anchor Charlie Rose. And although his comments on the stop-and-frisk movement were more urban-based, the support is considered as alarming and supports the anti-immigration stances taken by the GOP.

Does this not sound familiar?

Trump, unfortunately, has nothing to criticize Michael Bloomberg with, unless he wants to open up several hypocrisies.

On the blue side of things, Bloomberg’s recent action creates a moral dilemma that is perhaps extremely inconvenient.

The Democratic Party, assuming they are pushing Hillary Clinton aside for a more formidable Trump challenger, have a huge power vacuum. A plethora of Democrats are showing serious signs of running in 2020, and they all come from different areas of the leftist political spectrum. Kamala Harris is a classic West Coast progressive looking to win the primaries by winning over a more diverse population. Cory Booker, who partnered with Harris during the Kavanaugh hearings, is pushing a more anti-Trump agenda than most of the candidates and looking to undo what he views as significant damage to the country.

Bernie Sanders comes from the Democratic Socialist movement and will be leaning on his healthcare policy as well as robust foreign policy template to make it through the crowded primary. Elizabeth Warren has made frequent campaign trips recently and has taken a DNA test regarding her Native American heritage that put herself in the 2020 spotlight. And then there’s Joe Biden, who has taken significant time off from politics after the end of the Obama Administration, and he possesses many of the traits his superior had over Obama’s eight-year run.

Though these front-runners may be polar opposites of blue-state values, at least they represent relevant liberal. Bloomberg is a definite dark because he is truly as moderate as a candidate can get. So does the DNC choose to align themselves with a unique candidate that does not necessarily represent the party because Bloomberg presents the greatest threat to Trump’s 2020 chances, or do they place their support in a farther left candidate with a greater risk of losing to the incumbent? The chances are very likely that Bloomberg could win the presidency if against Trump, however, the likelihood of making it out of such a blood-thirsty group of Democrat candidates seems impossible for someone with a set of mixed social and fiscal values.

Noah Giglietti is a lead contributor for The Daily Lead.


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