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March for Our Lives Co-Founder Quits

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March for Our Lives Co-Founder Quits


Although March for Our Lives has not been in the headlines since last spring, however in a sudden and rather shocking turn of events, co-founder Cameron Kasky has announced that he is quitting the March for Our Lives movement citing that he has regrets regarding some of the things he has said while under the public eye.


Cameron Kasky, the co-founder of March for Our Lives, has announced he will be leaving the post.

Kasky aims to achieve a greater understanding of the political spectrum after the March for Our Lives Summer Tour, where Kasky witnessed first hand the polarization that has plagued American politics.

Kasky, who comes from a progressive territory in Florida met fathers who believe their family is best protected by a semi-automatic assault rifle, as well as many women who were radically pro-life. At the time, he said he found these findings absurd, especially because not long ago did he witness one of the worst assault rifle attacks in United States history. Kasky also stated that he originally found it impossible as a woman to be pro-life and not pro-choice.

With this new experience, Kasky claims he has a new understanding of politics in schools and amongst the youth community.

“I learned that a lot of our issues politically come from a lack of understanding of other perspectives and also the fact that so often young conservatives and young liberals will go into debate, like I said earlier, trying to beat the other one as opposed to coming to an agreement.”

In a recent interview with Fox News interview, he also mentions that he left the March because while he could have helped with the movement, Kasky has been recently distancing himself and he was not an integral member.

In light of Kasky’s sudden resignation, he took the time on Fox News Radio to promote his new podcast “Cameron Knows Nothing”, which is a non-partisan show focused on bringing in both sides of youth politics, including many young political activists. Kasky hopes that one day he can also put a few of his friends on the show as well.  

The Fox News hosts also followed up with Kasky on his comments for his actions at the Florida Town Hall with Marco Rubio, and Kasky admits he was aiming to attack and embarrass Rubio, which he admits was his biggest mistake.

All political views aside, it is good to see that a young activist is looking to break political norms and branch out after putting in a significant effort in only gun control reform, and I personally admire Kasky’s honesty and open-mindedness.

Noah Giglietti is a Lead Contributor at theDailyLead


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