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Deadly Shooting During Iranian Military Parade

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Deadly Shooting During Iranian Military Parade


More than 60 have been injured and 25 killed in a gunman’s attack during an Iranian military parade to commemorate the beginning of Iran’s 1980-88 war with Iraq, according to the state’s media.

The shooters were dressed in military attire and opened shot on the parade in Ahvaz, a city located in south-western Iran. The attack has been claimed by the terror group known as the Islamic State (IS or ISIS), and has also been claimed by the anti-government group known as the Ahvaz National Resistance.

The attack was done seemed to involve four gunmen and was carried out around 9:00 local time. Civilians were among those injured, including around half of those injured being in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. Local Deputy Governor Ali Hosein Hoseinzadeh reports that two of the gunmen were killed by security forces and the other two arrested.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has put out an order for security forces to identify the attackers.

Caiman Cotton is a lead contributor for The Daily Lead.


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