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39 million identities have potentially been stolen by illegal immigrants

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39 million identities have potentially been stolen by illegal immigrants


In a recent investigation by the Immigration Reform Law Institute, they have revealed that due to an Obama-era decision to halt the sending of “no-match” letters to employers, it has become extremely likely that over 39 million identities have been stolen by means of acquiring Social Security numbers through the black market.

The decision to terminate the “no-match” letters came in the wake of former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy (DACA), where he decided to revoke the letters in light of the possibility that DACA recipients would abstain from the program in fear of identity theft prosecution.

A “no-match” letter is a memo sent to an employer in lieu of a W-2 employee wage report that indicates a particular employee’s Social Security Number does not match the Social Security Number in the Social Security Administration’s database. With regards to the purpose of a “no-match” letter, there is most certainly potential for long-term identity theft if they were to be revoked.

As a result of this apparent and hidden threat to millions of American identities, the IRLI filed Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Social Security Administration demanding records from 2012 to 2016, the period of time DACA was being implemented. Within these four years, the records acquired by the lawsuit showed that there were 39 million instances where the name and Social Security Number do not match up on W-2 tax forms.

Even worse, the Earning Suspense File records from the lawsuit reveal that the ESF has reached a record high of $1.5 trillion. The Earning Suspense File holds onto uncredited wages where the Social Security Number does not match the name.

The Trump Administration, fortunately, has decided to bring back “no-match” letters in wake of the repealing of DACA, and while it is positive that the problem was addressed months and months ago, America is still at risk after tens of millions of identities were put in the hands of either the black market or illegal immigrants. America’s youth is the most at-risk currently as their Social Security numbers are the most sought-after, precisely because younger citizens are likely to not need their Social Security Numbers for a long time. By the time they are in their late teens and purchasing cars, enough damage will be done as they will find mortgages, wages, and insurance assigned to their number, which can prove costly to their credit in the long run.

The IRLI released a statement regarding their investigation, stating that the lawsuit shines a light on the serious problem of illegal mass migration, as many perceive illegal immigration as a victimless crime.

Expect more information to come from the lawsuit in the coming year.

Noah Giglietti is a Lead Contributor at theDailyLead


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