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Facts Don’t Lie #4: Democrats Have Received An Unprecedented Amount Of Kavanaugh Records, Yet Pre-Planned Obstruction Of Hearing.

Facts Don't Lie

Facts Don’t Lie #4: Democrats Have Received An Unprecedented Amount Of Kavanaugh Records, Yet Pre-Planned Obstruction Of Hearing.


This morning, the Senate confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States began, with sparks flying across the room. In a matter of seconds after Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley declared the opening of the session, Democrat minority members interrupted him to voice their discontent with the release of roughly 42,000 pages of documents relating to Kavanaugh’s tenure at the White House the night before.

Democratic senators contended that reviewing all of those documents before the hearing was impossible. Immediately, there were calls for the hearing to be adjourned, in an obvious attempt to delay Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation until after the midterm elections.

Senators have had ample time to review more than 440,000 pages worth of documents, a number higher than that of the previous 4 Supreme Court Justices combined. The new release of documents represents roughly 10% of the total amount of pages released from Kavanaugh’s records so far. More importantly, the vast majority of records released which would be most prescient for the Judge’s nomination to the Supreme Court, including his 12 years worth of judicial opinion’s whilst serving on the most important District Court in the nation, have already been released.

Those documents released last night are most likely trivial in importance, considering they contain no information relating to Kavanaugh’s opinions on major judicial issues and have no bearing on how he will behave as an interpreter of the law, rather than as an executor of the law.

The circus of nauseating infantile tantrums which was displayed this morning and continues to be on display for the duration of the hearing was an organized attempt of obstruction by a group of people who have done little else for the past year and a half. The Democrat’s objections were made out of order and out of line, as audience members hooted and hollered to show their support.

When the Honorable Chuck Grassley attempted to maintain order, he was repeatedly interrupted by his fellow Senators and jeered at by disruptors. The minority’s inability to understand or follow the norms of procedure within the hearing, highlighting their unwillingness to have a formal or civil debate of any kind, instead choosing to obstruct through other means.

In fact, recent revelations prove exactly that. According to NBC news reporter Kasie Hunt, the Democrat’s entire performance was pre-planned over the holiday weekend on a phone call with Chuck Schumer and every single member of the party on the committee. Those who believe that the Senators’ objections to the hearing were valid or sincere in any way may wish to reconsider after learning that piece of information.

The Democrat party’s actions in hearings like this, as well as their actions on virtually every other partisan issue since the beginning of the Trump administration, show contempt for their counterparts, for the legislative process and for the American people at every step of the way.

Eric Young is a Lead Contributor for theDailyLead.


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