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OPINION: Canada Can’t Criticize Our President When They Have Justin Trudeau.


OPINION: Canada Can’t Criticize Our President When They Have Justin Trudeau.


You might have heard, “I am moving to Canada if Trump gets elected”, from average American citizens or Hollywood celebrities living in their own bubble. Canada, however, does not need more liberal elites.

You also might have thought that moving to Canada would be easy, but you don’t just choose Canada, it chooses you. In order for the majority of immigrants to enter the country they have to be approved on the basis of skills, education and employment.
Such a practice is discriminatory compared to America’s immigration policy.

To make matters worse, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has incentivized more asylum-seekers to come to Canada. He did not mention that this would come at the cost of the Canadian taxpayer. Many complain that these asylum-seekers, who come into Canada through unofficial border crossings, are taking advantage of Canada’s welfare system.

“To those fleeing persecution, terror, and war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength,” the Prime Minister said after Trump’s decision to strengthen America’s borders.

At an event near Montreal on August 16th, Trudeau was questioned by a woman, who demanded that the Prime Minister answer when he would reimburse the people who paid for his “illegal immigrants.” Of course, Trudeau dodged the question, but when she continued to press for an answer, he told her “OK. Ma’am. This intolerance against immigrants—it has no place in Canada.”

What he forgot to add was the word ‘illegal’ before the word ‘immigrants.’ She asked if he had respect for old Quebecers, and his response was, “your racism has no place here. I am a proud Quebecer.”

The woman did not even mention race, and she was rightfully angered by the misuse of her tax money. The Prime Minister dismissed her concerns and labeled her a racist. The woman was later apprehended after trying again to speak with Trudeau. Few media sources have denounced her unjust apprehension as an infringement on her right to free speech.

This is not the only instance when the Canadian people’s rights were jeopardized. Trudeau has attempted to cut down the Canadian Parliament’s question period to just a single day. The attempt was made under the guise of making “Parliament more relevant to Canadians.”

Trudeau has made it clear that he wants to prevent the Conservative opposition in the Canadian Parliament from asking tough questions—not that he would need to, since he manages to dodge them anyways.

Trudeau’s misuse of taxpayers’ money goes beyond supporting illegal immigrants and unwelcome asylum-seekers. In February, the Prime Minister signed a check to Bombardier, subsidizing the company with $372M in the liberal government’s effort to support aircraft projects.

But Justin Trudeau also stated in the Canadian Parliament, that it would create more jobs. However, he had signed the check without the assurance of new hirings from Bombardier. As Rona Ambrose, former Leader of the Opposition, put it, “Money Spent: $370 million. Jobs created: zero.”

Speaking of aircraft, the liberal government also sold 16 attack helicopters to the Filipino dictator Duterte. Even after criticizing the dictator’s human rights abuses, Trudeau has hypocritically sold him more weapons, which could add to the number of murders perpetrated by Duterte and his thugs. Major-General Padilla of the Philippines explained that the aircraft would be used for “internal security operations”. The liberal Canadian government has been questioned on why it has equipped a dictatorship that has a reputation of conducting unlawful crimes against its own citizens with weaponry.

Aside from misusing taxpayers’ funds and supporting murderous dictators, Trudeau wore rubber duck socks to the World Economic Forum and then Chewbacca socks in a meeting with the PM of Ireland. People take issue with our President for not being “Presidential,” if so, Trudeau doesn’t appear very “Prime Ministerial.”

On the issue of political correctness, Trudeau is a typical left-winger afflicted by the disease of PC. When asked a question at a town hall event, he “mansplained” to a woman who said “mankind” instead of his preferred term: “peoplekind”. He corrected her to be more “inclusive”. If Trudeau wants to be more inclusive, then he should take initiative to change the word “human” to “hupeople.” The leader of Canada apparently has nothing better to do than make up words and police his citizens’ language.

Then he compared Vietnamese, Greek, Italian and Portuguese immigrants from the past to refugees that might be affiliated with ISIS.

It is evident that Trudeau does not prioritize the well-being of Canadians. Instead, he champions so-called multiculturalism. Like Democrats who defend illegal immigrants and dismiss American citizens, Trudeau has forgotten about veterans and Canadians. He is willing to risk Canada’s security and national pride for the sake of multiculturalism.

To make matters worse, on the American daytime TV show “Live with Kelly and Ryan”, the Prime Minister was asked if his daughter would follow in his footsteps. “There is something very special about imagining a female prime minister. I think it’s long overdue.” Apparently he forgot or disregarded Canada’s first female prime minister, Kim Campbell.

Trudeau received a bachelor’s degree in literature. He then went on to start a teaching career and completed a single year of an engineering program. Additionally, he attempted a degree in environmental geography and then dropped out after one year.

Perhaps he would have learned something about his own country and taken civic pride in it.

James Cawley is a Lead Contributor for theDailyLead.


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