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11 Children Found at New Mexican Islamic ‘extremist’ Training Compound


11 Children Found at New Mexican Islamic ‘extremist’ Training Compound


On November 29, 2017, medically unstable Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, 3, was reported missing from his home in Jonesboro, Georgia by his mother Hakima Ramzi. More than half a year later, the search is possibly over, along with a startling and disturbing revelation in northern New Mexico.

Isolated, a half-buried trailer sits among piles of junk, tattered clothes, and a makeshift shooting range. It is here where Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, father of Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, is thought to have kept 11 children, ages 1-15 captive, and was training them to commit school shootings. Upon arrival, investigators apprehended three women, believed to be the mothers of the children found in the compound, who have been charged with child abuse, and are thought to be “extremist of the Muslim belief.

According to a local newspaper, the grounds seeped under the earth. A long tunnel with shoddily dug “pockets” containing bedding possibly served as bedrooms for the unnamed children. Officials also found ammo, pistols, and an AR-15 within the compound.

Remains of a small child, thought to be the missing Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj were also uncovered on the grounds and are being examined by officials. In interviews, some children stated that Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj had indeed been at the compound, but had passed away and been buried. The body has yet to be positively identified.

Caroline Schettler is a Lead Contributor for theDailyLead.



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