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Dems’ Civil War Continues in Primaries


Dems’ Civil War Continues in Primaries


If you thought the Democratic Party was ready to heal after the unexpected and brutal loss in the 2016 presidential election, think again.  As the nation undergoes a wave of Democratic and Republican primaries ahead of the November midterm elections, politicos are anxiously reading the tea leaves to predict fates.  Will Donald Trump’s base keep the GOP in control of both the House and Senate or will the President’s continued antics in the Oval Office lead to losses in swing districts?  It’s no surprise that plenty of pundits have long declared the 2018 midterms to be a referendum on Trump.

While many predict a “blue wave” to wrest control of Congress away from the Republican Party, recent news indicates that the Democratic Civil War of 2016 still lingers and could cause problems on election day. Despite some high-profile primary victories for Democratic Socialists, the new left wing of the Democratic Party, Tuesday brought about a slew of losses despite the best efforts of 2016 liberal dynamo Bernie Sanders. Some are calling the primary election losses the beginning of the end for Sanders’ progressive movement.

With all the hubbub about how the mainstream media hates Donald Trump, few seem to remember that they hate Bernie Sanders almost as much. Despite Sanders’ amazing climb from obscurity to almost clinching the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, all the while having to fight against a media establishment that was firmly loyal to Hillary Clinton, the media is trying to write off the veteran U.S. Senator yet again. The 2018 Bernie-bashing will only prove counterproductive for the Democratic Party, and could sabotage the predicted “blue wave.”

Donald Trump has largely won over the battered and tattered GOP, despite likely being privately reviled by many congressional Republicans. Publicly, no conservative wants to go against Trump’s loud and boisterous base. Even as Trump’s controversies continue to fester, his support has barely faltered in his eighteen months in office. Although the GOP’s Trump-forced unity may not be pretty, it helps maintain a political majority.

The mainstream media, which tends to support the Democratic Party, should realize that their nemesis, Donald Trump, is only strengthened whenever they stoke intra-liberal divisiveness by bashing Bernie Sanders and other Democratic Socialists. I get it: the Democratic establishment still hates Bernie because they blame him for Hillary’s loss in 2016. But Bernie’s ideas have proven their staying power. Among the probable field of 2020 presidential candidates, Sen. Sanders is still the Democrats’ best option to defeat Donald Trump – he can clean up among all the swing states that Trump won, unexpectedly, against Hillary Clinton.

But the Democratic Party just loves shooting itself in the foot, so will likely continue its ill-advised Bernie bashing until it thoroughly divides its own base. An angry and divided Democratic base will allow the GOP dominance of D.C. to continue, which makes Donald Trump the ultimate winner.

Dems, you better rally around your own current strongman, wily and wild-haired Bernie Sanders, if you want to have a chance of retaking the White House in two years.

Calvin Wolf is a Lead Contributor for theDailyLead.

Calvin Wolf

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