Chicago, The Left, and the Future of African-Americans in America

This was a bloody weekend for Chicago. Sixty-six people were shot, twelve fatally, on what the state of Illinois marked as “Barack Obama Day.” A seventeen year old girl and four other teenagers ranging from the ages of eleven to seventeen were among victims of drive-by shootings. Unfortunately, this is not a phenomenon Chicago has witnessed for the first time, as thousands of shootings have racked up in the past six years.

Chicago is one of the bloodiest cities in America. Everyday, police sirens in the West and South sides of Chicago can be heard, as the authorities clean out the bodies from the most recent drive-by. As we frantically read the statistics on the news, we tend to forget who is most affected by this violence—poor African-American communities. According to Laura Ingraham on Fox News, more than 75% (3:18) of the victims from this weekend’s shootings were African-Americans. The majority of the shooters were also African-American.

Chicago isn’t the only city to experience this. In previous years and even now, we’ve seen black-on-black crime occur in the inner city communities of Baltimore, New York, Oakland, Detroit, and Los Angeles as wars between rival gangs rage on.

But Chicago, Oakland, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Baltimore all have three things in common—all have inner cities communities plagued with violence, are all poor, and are currently ruled by Democrat leaders.

When Barack Obama became president, everyone thought that things were finally going to change. We believed that race relations in the United States were going to get better and that black communities would finally begin to prosper. But, we were dead wrong. Under Barack Obama, black-on-black crime and poverty rose to an all time high and race relations were at an all time low.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the black unemployment rate by December 2011 was a whopping 15.4%. In December of 2012, it had dropped to 14%. By the end of Obama’s second term in 2016, the black unemployment rate was 7.9%. Those numbers are quite significant, considering that blacks only make up to 13-15% of the American population. Under Barack Obama, blacks accounted for 2/3 of the victims of violent crimes.

Crime in Baltimore rose over 63%, and 50% in Washington D.C. In Chicago, 436 people were shot in 2011 alone and 771 people were killed in 2016. The murder rate for the black community in Chicago rose to 45.52 lives per 100,000 people, the highest for any black community in America. Nearly 3,930 people had been murdered in the city of Chicago by the end of Obama’s second term. Chicago was the city where “change” never came.

Where have the Democrats and Black Lives Matter been during the continual Chicago onslaught? I haven’t seen a single Democrat pull even a penny out of their pockets to send to the victims of violence in Chicago or other major cities. Even African-American Democrats like Frederica Wilson and Maxine Waters seem to be silent when it comes to the black victims of crime.

That is because the Left and Congressional Democrats have made it very clear that they don’t care at all for the vicious black-on-black crime occurring in inner cities, or the constant murder of black youth by gang violence.

Although I do not think police brutality is a widespread problem, I do think that cases of it need to be addressed properly. However, there is a slight problem with police brutality when it comes to dealing with the Left; The Left and Black Lives Matter only care about black lives when they are taken at the hands of a white police officer. Even then, Black Lives Matter can’t handle the situation in a civilized fashion. Rather than address police brutality properly AS WELL AS violence in black communities, Black Lives Matter instead chooses to incite riots and hatred against the police.

Black Lives Matter was one of the organizers for the Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore riots, in which protestors destroyed and looted business from their own communities. How exactly is looting and destroying black-owned businesses supporting the black community as a whole? Black Lives Matter has yet to issue a statement on this weekend’s violence or to ever speak out on black-on-black crime in general.

Reverend Alfred “Al” Sharpton, a corrupt civil rights leader, has done nothing to address Chicago’s ensuing violence. Al Sharpton is a man revered by the Left, and was a close ally of Barack Obama. During Chicago’s most violent year, his only gesture of “kindness” was to rent an apartment in the city.

But perhaps the most telling statement that reflects the Left’s feelings on African-Americans was their reaction to what they dubbed as the “immigration crisis.” When children of illegal immigrants were being separated from their families at the border earlier this year, Democrats and the Left were the first to speak out. Democrats and the Left bashed President Trump, declaring the current policy as immoral and urging that immediate action be taken.

It was at that moment when Democrats proved that they cared not for helping the conditions of African-Americans in this country. They put the welfare of illegal immigrants over the welfare of our country’s African-American communities. For years blacks had been getting slaughtered in their own neighborhoods, while Democrats like Rahm Emanuel prided themselves for governing sanctuary cities and sheltering illegal immigrants. Finally, when push came to shove, the Left and the Democrats had shown they only cared about exploiting another population of vulnerable people in order to get votes. They chose the children of illegal immigrants over the millions of black children, who are citizens of the United States, that are living in constant poverty and despair.

Many in the black community were furious, so furious that they began to abandon their loyalties to the Democratic party in droves. They realized that the same party that had been promising “change” for decades had turned its back on them. The “Black Exit”, as conservative commentator Candace Owens calls it, is happening slowly but surely. We could see an example of that this weekend, when hundreds from the black community gathered in Chicago to peacefully protest Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s failed policies. We could even see it in people like Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum, or Kanye West.

The Left and the Democrats have shown the people of the United States that they are only looking to play a political agenda. If the Left truly cared about the prosperity of the black community in America, they would stop demonizing the police or tossing terms such as “white privilege” around and actually do something to help our black brothers and sisters. They would stop targeting conservative blacks such as Candace Owens, who was attacked several days ago by a white, extreme leftist mob. I would urge other Democrats to follow the message of Illinois Democratic Representative LeSean Ford, who stated that Democrats needed to “step up” and address the violence occurring in black communities across the country.

Right now, President Trump has a lot of mouths to feed, the black community being one of them. Regardless of what the mainstream media may say about his racial views, I think that President Trump has already taken the first steps to ensuring a prosperous future for America’s black communities. All-time low black unemployment and a rising approval rate amongst the black community is a very good way to start. I cannot predict the future, but only hope that there is nothing but good fortune ahead for our fellow black Americans.

Elliot Avigael is the Editor-In-Chief for theDailyLead.


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