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OPINION: New York Times Proves Anti-White Racism Is Real And Institutional.


OPINION: New York Times Proves Anti-White Racism Is Real And Institutional.


In these days of suffocating political correctness, to even raise the question of whether the political and media establishment might be carrying out a genocide agenda against white people is scoffed as patently offensive and absurd – yes, by definition, even racist. Yet the recent hiring of Sarah Jeong, an Asian woman with a history of appalling anti-white and anti-cop tweets, to the technology editorial board of The New York Times vindicates those with a suspicion that racism against whites is not only ignored and denied, but encouraged in the Establishment.

There are two definitions of racism floating around the political stratosphere. The first is the dictionary definition of racism, “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior,” or “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.” It was this version of racism that we were taught in our early childhood, and the one most people of common sense refer to in this conversation.

However, the second definition of racism is a relatively new invention of the political Left. To a Democrat, racism is not merely a prejudice nor discrimination against someone based on their race – racism is a system which requires power within an institution. In the Leftist worldview, whites hold more institutional influence than other races. This means that only whites can be “racist,” while all other races are merely prejudiced.

Only several hours after the NYT announced they would be hiring Jeong, tweets from as far back as five years surfaced about her hatred of white males and police. Here are several examples of her tweets:

“White people have stopped breeding. you’ll all go extinct soon. that was my plan all along.”

It’s generally very racist to describe a group of people in terms you would use for animals.


She wishes to wipe out a group of people off the face of the earth based on their skin color. Yet, to a liberal, this somehow isn’t a call for genocide.

“Dumba** f****** white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants.”

Now she’s literally describing White people as animals and demeaning their opinions to the level of excrement. Not racist at all.

“Oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men.”

Replace “white men” with “Latina woman” or absolutely any other race or group, and she would be instantly deplatformed and nationally humiliated.

“Are white people genetically disposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins.”

It’s not as if Jews were once also described as subterranean, parasitical monsters by the Nazis.

Across the country and the world, people are getting fired, divorced, socially ostracized, and even sent to jail for making statements far less inflammatory (and perhaps more honest and factual) than the bigotry Jeong has spewed forth. Yet The New York Times has issued a statement defending her and let her off with a slap on the wrist.

“Her journalism and the fact that she is a young Asian woman have made her a subject of frequent online harassment … For a period of time she responded to that harassment by imitating the rhetoric of her harassers. She sees now that this approach only served to feed the vitriol that we too often see on social media. She regrets it, and The Times does not condone it.”

Identity politics bleeds straight through this pathetic excuse for an apology – the fact she is a “young Asian woman” and a “journalist” is not what targets her for harassment. She is a scathing, proud liberal racist, and the majority of the public find it repugnant and call her out justly for it.

Jeong issued her own apology – of sorts – on her Twitter feed:

“I engaged in what I thought of at the time of counter-trolling. While it was intended as satire, I deeply regret that I mimicked the language of my harassers. These comments were not aimed at a general audience, because general audiences do not engage in harassment campaigns. I can understand how hurtful these posts are out of context, and would not do it again.”

There’s no indication that her behavior was “counter-trolling.” If she really was trying to pull off a parody of her racist detractors, she has only succeeded in acting exactly like them. The only point we’re seeing made here is that this Asian woman is just another racist troll.

There is also very little “context” to be had here. Most of the tweets in question aren’t posted within a Twitter reply thread or posted to a retweet. These really are just unprompted anti-white rants.

Myself nor many other white people are pretending to be offended by one sad little newspaper editor’s online bigotry. Whites haven’t been trained by public education and the establishment media to feel systematically victimized by a racial conspiracy theory. Statistically speaking, most white people would support her freedom to say and publish any of the hatred she bears against them. I personally find it amusing.

The issue is the hypocrisy of such figures and the establishment media under their control, claiming to stand against racism but defending and dismissing what is clearly anti-white ideology. Were her posts about any other race of people, she would have immediately been fired – which is exactly what happened to Quinn Norton once the Times discovered she had also made tweets containing slurs (though it’s far more evident that her use of slurs really was innocent). By their own standards, they should have kept Norton and fired Jeong, but the Times did the opposite. We know why they didn’t – Norton targeted the racial allies of the political left, while Jeong attacked the political left’s racial enemy.

This is by no means the first time the NYT has expressed open hostility against Whites. They recently published an article, titled “New Hampshire, 94 Percent White, Asks: How Do You Diversify a Whole State?” According to the powerful news organization, exclusively white communities are a problem that must be corrected with “diversity.”

“New Hampshire, like its neighbors Vermont and Maine, is nearly all white. This has posed an array of problems for new arrivals, who often find themselves isolated and alone, without the comfort and support of a built-in community.”

If the homogeneity of black people in Washington, D.C., or the rapidly growing hispanic demographic in Texas were even questioned by a reporter or editor, they could never step foot in a newsroom again.

Yet Jeong, an Asian woman, is apparently so oppressed by racism and sexism in America that she graduated from Harvard, lives in relative luxury, has a large social media following, has her speech protected by the First Amendment, and has now been hired by the most powerful news organization in the world despite – or, because of – her views on race and sex. She now has a cozy, prestigious job where she has a professional outlet for her bigotry all because she happens to be on the right side of history.

The NYT and other major news organizations will never fire people like Jeong, because they share her views and specifically hire their staff in order to promote these views. That still would not even be so bad, if they would only honestly admit they were doing so and quit pretending to be generic and unbiased.

Yet no, there’s still no such thing as racism against white people. One might daresay that hatred of whites is (*eek, gasp!*) the only acceptable, institutionalized form of racism that exists.

The entire political left takes it for granted that you cannot be racist against white people. Think deeply, and you’ll see just how dangerous this actually is. As Tucker Carlson put it on his show:

“Is there really an entire race of people so repulsive, so morally repugnant that it is ‘literally impossible’ to wrong them? You could do anything to people like that and not feel bad about that. In fact, why wouldn’t you? They deserve it. They’re not really human.”

This is the rhetoric of genocide. It’s not a conspiracy up for debate. Dehumanizing a group of people so much that no matter how badly you treat them, it can never be a moral wrong, has paved the road to the most nightmarish atrocities in history. Simply ask the Jews, Armenians, Slavs, Chinese, or Tutsi.

What is most outraging is that most people believe the racism of Jeong, the NYT, and the political left is absolutely absurd and unjustified. Most citizens and voters find racism – the original dictionary definition of racism – to be repugnant. Only after many years of indoctrination and seclusion in a college brainwashing facility could anyone sincerely think and believe white people cannot be legitimate targets of racism. Yet it is exactly these people, with a relentless agenda against “Whiteness,” who ironically hold all the power in political, corporate, and media institutions. The only reason I can see why such racist psychopaths got away with this is because of the apathy of decent, sane people.

The debate is over. Anti-white racism is real – systematic, institutionalized oppression of white people because of their skin culture. The most powerful and influential news organization in the world has hired a non-White individual who openly despises white people, and then defended her as if her act was a white-face minstrel show.

Jeong and the political Left would have learned from Nietzsche, “He who fights monsters should take care that he does not become a monster.”

Adam Glasier is a Lead Contributor and the Breaking News Correspondent for theDailyLead.

Jorge Velasco

Jorge Velasco is a 15 year old core conservative and Founder and CEO of theDailyLead.

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