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Hypersonic Missile Secrets of Russia Leaked! – One Major Space Research Facility under FSB Raid


Hypersonic Missile Secrets of Russia Leaked! – One Major Space Research Facility under FSB Raid


Russian Rocket and Spacecraft Scientific Center, shortly well-known as TsNIIMash, is under sudden raid and serious investigation of Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) personnel.  About ten staff of TsNIIMash have been accused of leaking secret information of Russian Hypersonic Missiles, which are 5 times faster than the speed of sound, to some western spies. Kommersant, the famous nationally distributed newspaper of Russia confirmed the news in Moscow.

Videos of Kinzhal and Avangard, two latest Russian Hypersonic Missile Systems capable to bear nuclear warheads, were officially released by the Russian Defense Ministry on July 19, 2018. At almost the same time, the videos were analytically dismissed as propaganda by Mr. Pavel Felgenhaurer, a senior Russian military analyst. Mr. Pavel said that he was not sure about the effectiveness of the missiles as depicted in the videos and he marked it as politically embarrassing activity.

“Roscosmos” is the state owned corporation of the Russian Federation, responsible for all spaceflight programs as well as other cosmonautics operation of the country. TsNIIMash’s most high level task is specific conductive authority of Roscosmos, located in the city named Korolyov under Moscow state. Security personnel of Roscosmos were cooperating with FSB Officers in their investigation process on this serious state issue. It is a very sensitive and high profile case that may bring highest punishment for all suspects. Initially, ten TsNIIMash employees were suspected, as confirmed by an FSB official of investigation team.

According to Mr Pavel, there was some propaganda about these missile systems from starting time, but it doesn’t confirm anything; Russian Military and Space Program Authorities are always highly alert about their secret projects. In March 2018, President Vladimir Putin confirmed about some dashing features of both hypersonic missile systems. Some of these nuclear-capable missiles can be launched by bomber jets and mobile lunched vehicles.

Another famous Private News Agency of Russia, named Interfax, confirmed that the Kinzhal Missiles are already active service missiles and often deployed in Caspian Sea area as a MiG 31 patrol jet armament. Kommersant said that the FSB agents also completed search operation in the ORKK (United Rocket & Space Corporation) facility located in Moscow.

Tanmay Samajder is a Lead Contributor at theDailyLead.


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