Have We Seen Evidence Of Russia And The President Working Together To Steal The Election?

For close to a year now, the President of the United States has been under what some would call an investigation. I say some, because most of his supporters agree with President Trump that he has been unfairly targeted and the subject of a “Witch Hunt”.

In these last 12 months we have heard many loud voices from the Left accusing Trump of “collusion”, “election interference” and other crimes. What we haven’t seen is a single shred of evidence to support these accusations.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has spearheaded this investigation, and has proven himself loyal not to our current President, or even real justice, but to Obama and his administration.

During this time, Mueller has brought up a porn star named Stormy Daniels, and of course the opinion that Russia “colluded” with President Trump to rig the 2016 election in his favor.

So far, even with the $60M the taxpayers of America have paid to “get to the bottom of this”, we have seen no results. Do you feel this was money well spent?

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