Yep, Exiting The Iran Nuclear Deal Was Absolutely Genius.

This past week had many incredible victories for the Trump Administration, including exiting the Iran Nuclear Deal. Amongst the anti-establishment, it was not popular. However, I’m going to break down the facts and reality on why the move made by President Trump was intelligent.

Everyone around the world believes the United States has a political and moral obligation to sign into every single treaty that is ‘beneficial’ for us. With this POTUS, very few times has that been proven to be true. With many promises expected to be kept, he won’t be stopping anytime soon.

For one, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented the world with concrete evidence that Iran may be creating nuclear weapons despite the accord. This shook up Trump’s decision on the non binding agreement as Iranian officials have been lying for 3 plus years, if true.

President Trump has shaken up the political world with comments, policy decisions, and economic relations. Yet, Iran is now going to have to face a President that is serious, tough, and almost nonnegotiable, unlike President Obama. Iranians must acknowledge that President Trump is determined to take on Iran’s continuous efforts to weaken the Middle East.

Even if Iran IS complying with the Iran Nuclear and not creating more nuclear weapons, it is extremely unlikely that Congress would pass a vote in order for President Trump to do so.

The U.S is not the only global super power to be in the agreement. The United Kingdom is actually on President Trump’s side. Their aim is to subvert Iran’s ability to create nuclear warheads, but Iran is visited by UN officials monthly, and in strictly political terms, they conclude that Iran is complying with the deal. So, Congressional approval is out of the picture.

But more importantly, what President Trump is absolutely right on is that Iran has NOT stuck to the ‘spirit’ of the agreement, which is that Iran was supposed to be the student learning and adapting while six other political giants were supposed to be administrating Iran’s responsibility to the West.

What the majority of the American people and the mainstream media do not understand is that Tehran has been doing the exact opposite. Instead, they have been intensifying attempts to undermine the Arab nation and the Middle East.

For example, take into account the Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. In countries like Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Israel, they have been seemingly sabotaging the interests of the West and the U.K, Germany, France, China, Russia, the EU, and to Americans. This is exactly why the Trump Admin has been so strictly harsh on Iran.

If Iran wants to strengthen and better relations with the United States, they must stop obstructing relations of Washington’s allies. Easy as you’d like.

The Iran Nuclear Deal correlates with 1938, when World War II was just beginning. Hitler and Nazi Germany were a police state with an aim to completely eradicate Jews. The Islamic Republic of Iran is a police state with an aim to completely eradicate Jews. The West dismissed the notion that Hitler were the Jews’ problem. The West dismissed the notion that Iran was Israel’s problem. Germany’s goal was to overtake Europe. Iran’s goal is to overtake the Middle East.

The list goes on and on, but let’s head to the left’s favorite part: facts. The deal gifts Iran in $150B in frozen assets to keep their nuclear program. This was the case for the Munich Agreement. Yet, Iran has been responsible for the deaths of over 1,000 Americans in Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

The regime has put more people to death than any other country (except China) and executed more than 6,000 Iranians solely for their sexual orientation.

Feminists should be outraged and executing their First Amendment everyday about the fact that a woman cannot leave the country without the permission of their husband. Although Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said he opposes the massacre of Jews, he wants to ‘exterminate Israel‘.

If you can name any other present day country with a leadership calling for the extinction of another country, be my guest. Iran being the world’s greatest terror funder, fathom what they can do with $150B.

The deal has more holes than swiss cheese, providing absolutely zero safeguards as to whether or not they can produce nuclear weapons. President Trump, you’re making the right decision.


Twitter: @JorgeVelasco71

Facebook: theDailyLead

Jorge Velasco is the Founder and CEO of theDailyLead.



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