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Wednesday: In Case You Missed It.

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Wednesday: In Case You Missed It.


Here are Wednesday’s top headlines:

A group of lawmakers nominated President Donald Trump to be a recipient for the Nobel Peace Prize after being credited for the Korean peace talks. The letter of intent was sent by Rep. Luke Messe (R-IND) to the Norwegian Nobel Committee on Tuesday, and signed by 17 other members of the House. Part of the letter reads, ““tirelessly to apply maximum pressure to North Korea to end its illicit weapons programs and bring peace to the region.”

Consulting firm Cambridge Analytica has filed for bankruptcy amid its scandal with Facebook after it compromised the data of over 87 million Facebook users during the 2016 presidential election. No candidates for federal office in the United States have disclosed paying Cambridge Analytica during the 2018 cycle.

The two black men arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks have both settled a lawsuit with the city of Philadelphia for $1.00. One of their other demands was that “the city to fund $200,000 for a grant program for high school students aspiring to become entrepreneurs”, according to the Washington Post.

A military airplane in Savannah, Georgia crashed and killed all nine passengers on board. The pilot of the C-130 was bound for Tucson, Arizona, to retire the aircraft. After having been in the air earlier Wednesday, experts still do not have a reason for the crash. The aircraft was 60 years old.

The Boy Scouts of America will no longer have ‘boy’ in its title, and will now accept girls. “As we enter a new era for our organization, it is important that all youth can see themselves in Scouting in every way possible,” Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh said.

Iowa’s lawmakers passed a bill which would ban abortion after a heartbeat is heard, felt, or acknowledged. Iowan House representatives passed the bill 51-46. The state Senate passed the bill 29-17, sending it to Gov. Kim Reynolds (R), who has said abortion is “equivalent to murder.” The bill is expected to be signed into law.

A Southwest flight heading towards Newark diverted to Cleveland after the outside window shattered. The picture shown below is the aftermath after landing. None of the 73 passengers were hurt.

southwest window


Jorge Velasco

Jorge Velasco is a 15 year old core conservative and Founder and CEO of theDailyLead.

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