The Problem with “White Privilege” in America

“White Privilege” is a phrase that has been tossed around for the past two years, particularly by the extreme left and their millennial lackeys. But what is “white privilege” exactly? Does it actually exist, and should white people be ashamed about the color of their skin for this very purpose?

White privilege is the leftist notion that suggests that white people are automatically more privileged by birth than any other race in the United States (some would say in the world) simply because of the color of their skin. As Ben Shapiro, co-founder and former editor-in-chief of TruthRevolt once stated, “White privilege is a leftist term that means ‘shut up, because you are not a member of a minority group’.” According to the left, white privilege is responsible for everything from European colonization to the African slave trade, segregation, and even the election of President Donald Trump.

There’s a few problems with this backwards concept of white privilege.

For starters, it’s incredibly racist, contrary to popular belief. By believing in the concept of white privilege, you are saying that white people, who you have no evidence of being racist, are indeed racist simply because they are white. It is the equivalent to saying that an African-American is more likely to be “poor”, a “thug” or “underprivileged” because they are black. Both are stereotypes, and should be treated as such.

Secondly, it creates laziness in communities of color. How is there any hope for children in inner city communities when they are constantly being taught by leftists that no matter how much they try to climb the social ladder, they will always be beneath the white man—so in that case, they might as well not try to better their situation and stay on welfare for the rest of their lives. It’s brainwashing to the highest degree.

This is America—the land of opportunity. You can be anything you want, regardless of the color of your skin. Your skin color doesn’t define how well your life goes for you—your choices do. Children should be taught to dream big and be proud of who they are, not taught to blame other groups of people for their problems or feel sorry for themselves because of their skin color.

Thirdly, you indirectly empower the alt-right. The alt-right’s belief is that white people are superior to any other race. Doesn’t the white privilege notion feed into that? White people are more “privileged” (or more superior in the racial and socio-economic sense). That’s the EXACT belief of the alt-right! The left claims to be ‘pro-diversity’ and ‘pro-multiculturalism’, but it seems to be that this belief, “white privilege”, is no different than from what the alt-right preaches.

We must also ask the question, why do statistics show that blacks are more poorer than whites? The answer is far beyond race. The majority of African-Americans aren’t poor just simply because white people are the problem. There are circumstances such as inner city crime, the lack of father-figures in black families, and poor education in inner city schools. Sorry leftist conspiracy theorists, but not everything in life is a race issue. The idea that blacks are poor because “white people are racist” is asinine.

Five: I would argue that there is actually more privilege for minorities in today’s age. Think of ‘affirmative action’ and the likeliness for colleges to accept more minorities and people of color. Think of all of the attention minorities receive on college campuses. Where’s the white privilege there?

Six: Are white people today somehow responsible for what their ancestors did? Absolutely not.
Do Jews blame today’s Germans for the Holocaust? Are the Japanese of today responsible slaughtering 200,000 men, women, and children in Nanking? Do we blame Spain for burning Muslims and Jews at the stake during the Spanish Inquisition? Do we blame African-Americans as a whole for the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam? No, no, no, and NO. White privilege acts as if whites of today are responsible for the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, slavery, and European Colonization.

They are not. White people do not deserve to bear the burden for the atrocities their ancestors committed.

Finally, If white privilege is real, then privilege must apply to everything else in life. Can a short guy with glasses try out for the basketball team? No. So that must entail there’s “tall privilege” in basketball. Can a kid with bad grades and bad test scores get into Harvard? No. I guess that means there’s “smart people” privilege. There’s privilege in everything, but race isn’t part of it. In isolated cases, yes, there is a certain degree of race privilege due to the circumstances certain people of color were placed in. But, to act as if “white privilege” is this widespread disease today is absolute nonsense and a load of leftist absurdity.

Let’s remember the wise words of Martin Luther King Jr., who stated in his infamous “I Have a Dream” speech: “It is my hope that my four little children, will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” This should apply to ALL RACES, not just people of color. We live in an age where it is socially acceptable to be racist towards white people. It, by all means, should not be socially acceptable at all whatsoever to label people based on the color of their skin, white or black. It shouldn’t be acceptable to call white people “trailer trash”, “white trash”, or racists. Is there discrimination against minorities? Absolutely. Do some whites discriminate? Absolutely they do. Have African-Americans been victims of discrimination in our country for hundreds of years? Yes, and there’s no denying it. All people of all religions and colors discriminate. But, to believe in this idea that society needs to take revenge on white people for actions done in the past is absurd. The idea that whites are the ones that primarily discriminate is just as absurd. Discrimination is everywhere, and no particular group of people in the world is responsible for it. The double standard with whites has to stop here, and it has to stop now.

Every group of people has its bad apples, of course. But we, especially the left, should learn not to forget about this when it comes to white people, too.

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