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Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf notified illegal immigrants of ICE raids. There’s two things that are blatantly wrong.

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Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf notified illegal immigrants of ICE raids. There’s two things that are blatantly wrong.


On February 24th, Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf was notified that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers were expected to raid the Bay Area later that day. Mayor Schaaf tweeted a statement affirming that ICE agents were planning to raid the area. Out of the estimated 1500 to be arrested, only 232 were arrested, 180 out of which were convicted criminals. 115 of those “had prior felony convictions for serious or violent offenses, such as child sex crimes, weapons charges and assault, or had past convictions for significant or multiple misdemeanors.”

Schaaf said she wanted to “protect [illegal immigrants] them” and Oakland’s sanctuary laws. California’s sanctuary laws prevent federal agencies, such as ICE, to intervene in local activity. In other words, cities like Oakland and many others are a safe haven for illegal aliens and escape legal measures such as overstayed visas and deportation.

Categorically, Oakland will jail city employees for cooperating with ICE. Again, it seems as if liberals, like Schaaf, do not want to comply with lawful quota and instead cease law-abiding matters.

According to a Pew Research Center study, the Oakland-San Francisco-Hayward Bay Area has one of the highest illegal immigrant populations in the country, specifically 240,000.  ICE has every right to be detaining and deporting non law-abiding citizens, including convicted criminals, which is something sanctuary policies prevent from occurring.

Libby’s decision is a potential and most likely obstruction of justice. After mayor Schaaf’s poor decision making, the Department of Justice has opened an investigation to whether or not she unconstitutionally obstructed ICE agents from executing their tasks in a lawful manner. A former Bush official says liberal mayors such as Schaaf and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel are “coming very close to obstruction of justice” in their ways of protecting illegals.

Charlie Kirk tweeted, “The Mayor of Oakland should most definitely be arrested and face charges for defying federal law enforcement and willfully harboring criminals against arrest and deportation orders.”

On Wednesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions called Schaaf out, stating that ““A series of actions and events has occurred that directly and adversely impact the work of our federal officers.” He went on to say, ““A refusal to apprehend and deport those, especially the criminal element, effectively rejects all immigration law and creates an open-borders system. Open borders is a radical, irrational idea that cannot be accepted.” While Sessions was absolutely right on, the mayor disagreed.

She fired back: “How dare you distort the reality about declining violent crime in a diverse sanctuary city like Oakland, California, to advance your racist agenda.” Racist. So enforcing the law and having a federal agents carry out their jobs is ‘racist’? Incredibly logical.

Just as logical as when Senator Kamala Harris says “our babies are being slaughtered“, but is an advocate for Planned Parenthood.

Not only her, but her fellow liberal constituents, such as California Governor Jerry Brown, called Attorney General Jeff Sessions a “liar” and said that he was addicted to “a Gestapo kind of tactic with vitriol spewing out of Jeff Sessions’ mouth.” The Trump Administration is now enabling tactics from the Gestapo, apparently.

Kamala Harris also backed Schaaf in saying that the Trump Administration is ‘bullying’ California. Stellar choice of words.

Last year, the City of Oakland withdrew any cooperation whatsoever with ICE, even in cases that are involved with drug smuggling and sex slavery.

This is the blue wave that will result in detrimental outcomes for Republican states. A ‘blue wave’ cannot happen. As much as people like Beto O’Rourke want to get steamrolled in November’s midterm elections, states like Texas cannot afford to transform liberal.

A U.S News study found California to be the “worst state in living quality”. No state can follow that path.


Jorge Velasco

Jorge Velasco is a 15 year old core conservative and Founder and CEO of theDailyLead.

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