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Infowars: the [rarely] good, the bad, and the ugly.


Infowars: the [rarely] good, the bad, and the ugly.


Ever since Alex Jones began his talk show in 1995 and now integrated conservative company, InfoWars, he’s disputed many berserk claims and almost deluded viewers of his stances. While there have been a rare amount of somewhat good and proven outcome of this, the other 99% is plainly ridiculous.

For example, after the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting that killed 26, Alex claimed every child and faculty member that was killed were ‘actors’. His basis was that none of the children were on the Uniform Crime Reports and showed no murders in the city of Newtown, Connecticut for 2012. In fact, the claim is false and misrepresents the FBI report. Because the Connecticut State Police was the lead investigator after the attack, the 26 Sandy Hook victims were included in Connecticut’s statewide records (under “State Police Misc.”) and not under the Newtown statistics.

But whether it be him thinking Obama is the head of Al-Qaeda or believing that the ‘New World Order’ is going to exterminate 80 million people, there are less than a handful of resourceful and true claims. One of those is his ‘atrazine’ case.

Atrazine is an herbicide, used to prevent pre- and post-emergence chemicals on crops and used in your local golf course. According to Jones, when Atrazine is applied to a frog’s habitat, it turns them into the opposite sex. You might find this laughable, but it is indeed true. The University of Berkeley conducted an experiment on this and “1 out of every 10 frogs are turned into females”. These transformed frogs have the ability to mate with females but will always have male offspring due to their male genes.

That is the only rarity of InfoWars that has a positive outcome rather than a negative one. Having said that, there’s still one more good thing: his reporters. It’s vague, but there are two reporters in particular that stand out on a polemicist perspective and never fail to come with facts. Their names are Owen Shroyer and Paul Joseph Watson.

If you view them offensively or distasteful, that’s fine. They work for InfoWars. Sure, but if you take that factor away, you would never guess they’d be working in a ludicrous environment like InfoWars. Owen and Paul both work for Alex Jones but often go on their own paths. Watson has a YouTube channel that carries over 1,100,000 subscribers and, when given the chance, Owen interviews protestors and generally challenges them on a factual structure.

The element that makes these two so unique is their drive to know every little spect about our government and its history in the grand scheme of things. Having said that, they carry a major fanbase that links them back to Alex Jones, which is the unfortunate part.

Either way, Alex Jones hasn’t always been the calmest person.

Yet, nothing beats Cenk Uygur in the notion of emotion. But the problem with Alex Jones’ mindset is that his claims are too far-fetched for comfort. He believes our government is being run by bodies of lizards and minds of humans. See?

Trust me, I’ve been told plenty of times that “he’s Donald Trump’s puppet”. Ok, he conducted an interview with him, and the sky is still blue. There’s nothing but a conservative gain of votes by which Trump enabled to the best of his abilities.

Jones has been sued twice, once for promoting ‘Pizzagate’ and the other for making inflammatory comments about refugees who sexually harassed employees at Chobani. Jones pushed the Pizzagate narrative after John Podesta and Hillary Clinton’s emails were leaked (again) and sought to have believed that they were using secret words to exploit a child sex ring in a pizza shop.

Both of the lawsuits forced Jones to apologize and retract his comments. But now he has something much more important to handle: his YouTube channel.

Having over 2.2M subscribers on ‘The Alex Jones Channel’, he was recently hit with his second strike after posting a video that claimed there were actors in the recent Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting. If the channel receives one more strike, the channel will be permanently taken down.

If you want to take my opinion from this, it’s this: most of the time, InfoWars will be crazy. But they have the power and base to become resourceful and capable of becoming less crazy. People like Owen Shroyer and Paul Joseph Watson know what they’re doing, but Infowars isn’t the place for them.

Coming with facts is the best one can do.

Jorge Velasco

Jorge Velasco is a 15 year old core conservative and Founder and CEO of theDailyLead.

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