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A threat to democracy #4: Cary Kennedy.

A threat to democracy Democrats

A threat to democracy #4: Cary Kennedy.


Cary Kennedy could be seen as many things: former treasurer of Colorado, public education advocate, or Democratic swindle. In April of 2017, Cary Kennedy announced her candidacy for Governor of Colorado, which could mean many things that would affect the marijuana loving state of Colorado.

Since 1975, Colorado has elected 4 Democrats and 1 Republican to run their state. Now, Cary wants to become Governor of Colorado.

Kennedy was elected as treasurer of Colorado in 2006 by only 40,000 votes, but was voted out four years later after she attacked Republican opponent, Walker Stapleton. A commercial implicated Stapleton for criminal activity, which he was never convicted for, surely crosses the boundary. In the days leading up to the election, the left-leaning Denver Post editorial board took time to characterize Kennedy’s idiotic attack as “a low blow” and “a cheap shot,” saying that Kennedy deliberately misled viewers and voters on “erroneous online reports” instead of facts in order to raise “unfair suspicions.”

But, why would Kennedy do such a thing? Well, let’s start with her skills in budgeting, also known as disorganization. First, she proudly championed the state’s effort to destroy Coloradans, skyrocketing their property taxes by nearly $4 billion just when Coloradans could least afford it.

Second, she wrote the most budget-busting state spending mandate known as Amendment 23, an amendment which plunged Colorado into fiscal atrocity through its failed pledge to improve the sanctuary state’s public schools.

Third, in total agreement with Governor Bill Ritter, they both fraudulently disguised tax hikes as “fees” so voters couldn’t debate whether we should pay more to the National Parks Service, a rather problematic move for a leader charged with protecting the voice from other forces in state government and the voice of her beloved liberal advocates.

Fourth and finally- potentially the most devastating to Colorado’s public employees—she did next to nothing than rearrange desk chairs and groan in the ongoing battle over how to save our Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) from imploding under the weight of its own multi-billion-dollar unfunded liabilities, which fell under the fault of, guess who. Cary Kennedy.

And under specifically what? Hiking taxes and setting taxes through the roof.

She couldn’t find the decency, that she champions daily, to stand against powerful lobbyists despite evidence of proven alternative fixes.

What is correct is to question why Kennedy hasn’t had the courage to fight against policies, that she continues to advocate for, that have driven Colorado’s largest employers elsewhere in necessity of a more favorable business climate.

One of her key issues is immigration. On her website,, she says, “As Governor, I will make sure all Colorado families feel safe and welcome in schools, courthouses, and other public places. That includes standing up to the Trump administration’s racist efforts to scapegoat and persecute our immigrant families.”

Mrs. Kennedy…for starters, the Trump Administration did not unconstitutionally introduce a program to gift illegal immigrants, that are minors and adults, protected status. Second of all, it’s not racist. It’s abiding by the law and rewarding legal immigrants who went through the process and patiently waited. So quit the ad-hominem rhetoric.

She also puts on her website, “Over the past 35 years, Colorado’s state prison budget has increased by almost 13 times.” Cary, over the last 11 years, 9 out of those 13 times were due to you being a deceitful treasurer.

Kennedy is a firm believer in universal healthcare. Where shall we start? The United Kingdom and the NHS. The NHS is a universal healthcare hospital system. As of right now, the National Hospital Service has a waiting time of 72 hours for the emergency room. Convenient.

Canada. The land of maple leafs and ‘peoplekind’. Political commentator Steven Crowder conducted an experiment where he needed to visit a doctor. Well, he ended up having to wait 21 hours only to be told he had to visit a clinic, which was closed the day after.

Sweden! The Swedes are some of the happiest people in the world, right? That may be true, and while this applies for every country with an implemented universal healthcare system, the government ends up stealing almost half of your salary to give you ‘free healthcare’. Newsflash, nothing’s free.

While being pro-choice, she’s a core supporter of the Paris Climate Accord. She may be unaware of something called fiscal intelligence, but the Paris Climate Accord will accumulate $100B by 2020. In addition, she praised the Obama Administration on the energy initiative that ended up shipping over $1B in taxpayer dollars to fund WITHOUT authorization from Congress, adding to the list of the unconstitutional accomplishments he made while in office.

Adding on to the energy pile, she was a big devotee for Obama, but never called him out when he killed 4200 Bald Eagles in an energy initiative that would install windmills.

All in all, shame on Cary Kennedy, who showed her true colors to be just another lazy, typical politician who would do anything to save her job. If elected governor of Colorado, she will most likely increase Colorado’s deficit even more than she did while treasurer.

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Jorge Velasco is CEO and founder of theDailyLead.



Jorge Velasco

Jorge Velasco is a 15 year old core conservative and Founder and CEO of theDailyLead.

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