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Nope, Trump never colluded with Russia. Believe it.

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Nope, Trump never colluded with Russia. Believe it.


You can say good bye to that narrative forever. After Special Council Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russian foreign agents, the indictment suggested that these foreign agents actually held and endorsed pro-Hillary and anti-Trump rallies.

Mueller’s court filings appear to show 13 Russian nationals attempted to propagate chaos throughout the 2016 election and beyond.

Mueller’s indictment shows the foreign nationals began meddling in US politics one year before Donald Trump even announced his candidacy for President. Interference was driven into effect in 2014 when the Russian-backed “Internet Research Agency” began spreading misinformation on platforms such as Facebook. Mueller went on to say the agents interacted with “unwitting individuals” within the Trump campaign. There was no allegation in the indictment that any American was a knowing participant in the scheme.

This crumbles the liberal berserk conspiracy theory that the Russians handed then-Candidate Trump the presidency.

Hillary Clinton spent $1.2 billion to only be defeated. “But she won the popular vote.” We don’t use the popular vote, folks. If the Russians are able to spend only a couple hundred thousand dollars to swing the election, why didn’t she just do that?

The indictments are good for President Trump. The Department of Justice says no Americans wittingly knew about Russians meddling in the 2016 election, eliminating ALL narratives and beliefs towards Russia handing Trump the election.
Why does the Special Council continue to investigate the Trump campaign when it has already been proven that there was no collusion whatsoever?
Take away one thing from reading this: Trump won, fair and square. Russians did not gift him the presidency. There was no collusion. The conspriacy theory is dead.
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Jorge Velasco is CEO and founder of theDailyLead.



Jorge Velasco

Jorge Velasco is a 15 year old core conservative and Founder and CEO of theDailyLead.

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