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Amnesty and DACA cannot go on any longer.


Amnesty and DACA cannot go on any longer.


Obama’s unconstitutional program for minors and adults to have protected status in the United States, known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, needs to end and be replaced. As previously mentioned, there are plenty of bills that Congress has stalled on for more than 6 months and the Democrats even shutdown the government in order to ‘get their message out’.

Note that I did not use the word ‘children’ to describe DACA recipients because the mainstream media wants to distort your view on the situation. The median age for DACA recipients is 24, and only 0.5% of them are below the age of 16.

Thanks to DACA, taxpayers are forced to spend millions upon millions per year to reunite mostly uneducated illegal immigrants with their mostly illegal alien parents. This money could have easily been used towards infrastructure, hospitals, and most of all, fixing a rigid immigration system.

While handing out work permits and social security, it certainly encourages more illegal immigration to occur and amnesty.

Amnesty incentivizes more illegal immigration as an amnesty approach, like DACA, does nothing whatsoever to discourage aliens to cross the border and break law. Take the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, or IRCA. This bill allowed 2.7M illegal aliens to obtain legal status instantly despite already being in the country illegally and be prioritized to citizenship before those who had already applied more than 3 years before IRCA transpired. Sponsor Senator Alan Simpson (R–WY) said and promised “that this is it. It is one time. You either show up on this one or you will be rejected.” Now that that promise has been broken with 12 million illegal immigrants living in the country, it’s time to stop pushing for new amnesties.

Amnesty has always been a positive misconception to the United States, moreover an excuse. For instance, the SUCCEED Act would introduce a merit based system that would require applicants to contribute to the US economy. Bills like these would have an oversight on our future border security and necessary steps to improve our legal immigration system. However, amnesty legislation, or in this case, abuse of the executive branch, is generally a blatant excuse to delay any immigration reform or bills to be enacted.

By making amnesty the first and central part of legislation, Congress is abandoning its ultimate duty to ensure the U.S. has a well-enforced immigration system that is beneficial and carries out a positive effect to the U.S. In essence, Congress has never and will never solve the root causes of illegal immigration, instead expecting that one amnesty after another will work where past ones have not only failed, but have worsened the problem that was caused by the very same people.

Let’s set the record straight: amnesty rewards those who have flagrantly broken the law. It’s simply un-American. But, fairness and equality under the rule of law are fundamental American principles. Amnesty is a slap in the face and, in all fairness, a middle finger to law abiding Americans, legal immigrants, and nonnatives who are applying for citizenship. Amnesty doesn’t have a purpose in the United States.

When the founding fathers wrote the constitution, they didn’t expect anyone to break or disavow something they wrote. When the 13 colonies were dissolved, they had a clean slate to work with. Immigrants like Alexander Hamilton wanted to input a legal system in order for citizens of other nations to come but in a civil process.

In order for amnesty giving programs to end and begin to abide with the constitution, many things need to happen.

First off, there needs to be an increase on the budget of border security agencies, such as the UCIS, ICE, and CBP. President Trump has already added a some 10,000 ICE agents and 1,000 immigration specialized judges to maximize the amount of work that needs to be done. I will agree that his cuts to departments like the EPA and Department of Energy in order to drastically increase the budget of the military is ridiculous and terribly spread out. With that said, a chunk of that needs to go to border agencies in order to fulfill his campaign promises.

Secondly, there needs to be a cut to sanctuary cities. Not entirely defunded, but cut. For starters, it’s a major conflict with federal law. In 1996, Congress adopted the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act to ‘prohibit state and local governments from restricting their employees from sharing and receiving information regarding illegal aliens with the federal government’. Sanctuary policies that protect criminal aliens from the administration of federal law conflict with the execution of immigration law as Congress intended.

Like before, sanctuary policies are a punch to the gut to legal, law abiding legal immigrants. It’s extremely unfair to provide a safe haven for someone who has acknowledged the law like a legal immigrant. Most of all, they’re a heavy fiscal burden. Illegal immigration has a price tag of about $113B. $84B of that comes from your very pockets. Very parallel to amnesty, sanctuary policies are a major part of encouragement towards illegally moving here.

Thirdly, there must be an increase on resources to immigration courts. This means more federal judges and more advises towards immigration. They have to ensure that aliens show up at court hearings by maximizing the use of detention facilities and the expanded use of cost-effective alternatives to detention, such as GPS-tracking anklets and increased enforcement against employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens.

All in all, amnesty is happening and it needs to stop. There is no reward for the ones who came here, like my parents, who are now successful, entrepreneurial businessmen who are making the most out of the American dream.

Jorge Velasco

Jorge Velasco is a 15 year old core conservative and Founder and CEO of theDailyLead.

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