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A threat to democracy #3: Justin Trudeau.

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A threat to democracy #3: Justin Trudeau.


Justin Trudeau, the man who couldn’t even remember about Canada’s fourth largest province on their national day, known as Canada Day. Prime Minister Trudeau became the leader of the federal Liberal Party beginning in April of 2013 and was elected as Prime Minister of Canada in 2015. Unfortunately in Canada, there is no limit as to how many terms a Prime Minister serves. Really, how bad is Justin Trudeau?

This past week, he held a town hall to discuss national security issues and let his own citizens ask questions. When a woman said, “Maternal love is the love that’s going to change the future of mankind”, he flinched in progressive hyperventilation and corrected the woman to saying ““We like to say ‘peoplekind,’ not necessarily ‘mankind.’ It’s more inclusive.”

It’s more inclusive. Let that sink in. Besides changing the national anthem to make it less masculine, he changed a noun phrase to propose his country as more gender inclusive. But don’t we already have a gender inclusive noun to replace mankind? Humankind? Oh, I’m the bigot for not realizing it has the word man in it. Yes, I was actually yelled at for that.

In this same town hall, a man asked how Trudeau was going to stop ISIS jihadists from entering Canada. In response, Trudeau went on and on about diversity being Canada’s core foundation. He said that Canada has been open to people fleeing political and/or religious persecution and that Syrian refugees is what makes Canada so great. But go back to the first sentence. Someone asked him the gameplan for preventing terrorist domestic infiltrators from entering Canada. His answer? He didn’t answer.

With Prime Minister Trudeau having always been against terrorism, he quote on quote said “The Liberal Party believes that terrorists should keep their Canadian citizenship.” Worst of all, he and his party voted against having ISIS fighters prosecuted. Oh that’s right. He’s too busy worrying about gender pronouns being disrespected rather than the national interest of keeping his ‘great’ country safe.

Besides that, he continuously disrespects his citizens veterans. When it comes to honor killings he describes them as “barbaric”. Barbaric.

Can anyone forget the handshake between Pena Nieto, Obama, and Trudeau that resulted in awkwardness? The man claims he can take on Russian President Vladmir Putin in a fight, but your wife even exposed you on live television.

Isn’t it ironic that he claims he a champion of women and a male feminist, but also casually elbows a woman in the breasts during a chamber meeting so hard, she had to leave.

And seriously, what’s up with the socks? One day he wears rainbow socks, the next he wears Ramadan socks to show his eagerness for diversity. Right? Wrong. Trudeau has armed Saudi Arabia with numerous weapons so they are able to murder Yemini citizens. His Twitter is more out of control than President Trump’s when it comes to virtue signaling. He makes J.K Rowling look like rank amateurs.

Trudeau mourned the death of socialist dictator Fidel Castro. Odd enough, he supported his work. Moreover, he ‘admires’ China’s dictatorship and ‘how they do things over there’.

The weirdest and strangest thing he has done his whole political life has been apologies. Over the time span of 20 years, he has apologized for instances such as elbowing a woman MP, apologizing for calling someone a “piece of s***”, apologizing for Canada not allowing Indians to emigrate over a hundred years ago, and most of all, he apologized for making his ‘peoplekind’ regards.

You’ve got work to do, pal.

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Jorge Velasco is a Political Analyst at theDailyLead and contributor for Nova News Breaking. 




Jorge Velasco

Jorge Velasco is a 15 year old core conservative and Founder and CEO of theDailyLead.

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