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The truth about President Trump’s travel ban.

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The truth about President Trump’s travel ban.


A week after his inauguration, President Trump wrote an executive order banning immigrants from 7 terror prone middle eastern countries, them being Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen. A day after, a federal judge from New York created an emergency order blocking the ban. Fast forward a year, and the travel ban is in full effect after the SCOTUS voted 7-2 to proceed with the barring of immigrants. North Korea, Chad, and Venezuela were added due to extremity or the current situation in their respective country.

Many from the establishment were quick to judge, labeling the ban as a “muslim ban” due to its ban against immigrants of the religion that come from predominately Muslim countries.

If it you believe it is a ‘Muslim ban’, ask yourself this: why aren’t citizens residing in the top five Muslim populated countries, them being Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Nigeria, banned? This is because it’s not a Muslim ban. It’s a ban based on countries that are linked to terrorism.

This might be a shocker to some, but it was not the Trump administration that created the travel ban list. It was Obama’s administration. But you probably didn’t know that because you were fooled by the hysteria produced by the mainstream media.

Where was the outrage when President Obama banned Iraqi refugees for six months due to terrorism fears? There wasn’t because CNN and MSNBC hid in the shadows not wanting to destroy ‘their president’. It doesn’t stop there. Not once, but SIX times President Obama banned mainly residents from Muslim countries. And many were completely silent.

Obama dropped tens of thousands of bombs on predominately Muslim countries, and Trump criticizers said absolutely nothing.

WikiLeaks leaked emails proving Hillary Clinton and Obama armed jihadists who were responsible for beginning the civil war in Syria. Obama armed Saudi Arabia in a $1B deal to butcher Yeminis. But when Trump stops a handful of terrorists from entering our country, he’s the racist, bigoted, sexist, Islamophobic, right?

President Trump was criticized for limiting the refugee admission to 50,000, yet that’s exactly what previous administrations have set it to.

Speaking of hypocrisy, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) cried over Trump’s executive order after he supported the attack on Libya that simply led to the deaths of what he’s crying about: refugees.

Celebrity elitist Kim Kardashian tricked her 55M followers by presenting “statistics” with this photo: The picture says Islamic Jihadist immigrants have only killed 2 Americans. However, the statistic is from 2014, which means it doesn’t include the 2015 San Bernardino attack that killed 14 Americans by Tashfeen Malik, an Islamic Jihadist immigrant. It also left out the bombing in New York City that injured 35 by Ahmad Khan Rahimi, an Islamic Jihadist immigrant. It left out the latest NYC attack when Sayfullo Saipov, a Bangladeshi native chosen by the diversity visa lottery program, killed 8 and injured 13.

Another failure to national security was allowing 20 ‘vetted’ refugees to enter the United States that turned to terrorism. Unlike Europe, the US hasn’t let in millions of potential ISIS and AQAB domestic infiltrators which very well may lead bombastic attacks.

After President Trump’s executive order, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan tweeted, “President Trump’s ban on refugees and immigrants from certain countries is shameful and cruel.” This is coming from the man who once shared a stage with Yasser al-Siri, a convicted terrorist and advocate of hate preacher Abu Qatada.

More double standards.

Canadian President Justin Trudeau tweeted, “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada”. Unless you’re a single man, in which case Canada will not accept you.

So let’s get this right: President Trump is the bigot for persecuting Syrian refugees under the extremely false pretext of simply averting terrorism.

Brad Jaffy from NBC tweeted, “Trump order begins by invoking 9/11 three times; 9/11 hijackers were from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE & Lebanon; None of those countries banned.” First off, the White House is considering adding more country as terrorism looms large in the Middle East. Secondly, you’re paraphrasing yourself in saying Trump’s essentially an unhinged dictator for banning Muslims, even though it’s not a Muslim ban.

Accomplished SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted, “Many people negatively affected by this policy are strong supporters of the US. They’ve done right,not wrong & don’t deserve to be rejected..”. If that were so, then why do 21% of Syrian refugees support ISIS .

Yes, banning civilians because of their religion is wrong. So where is the outrage when 16 Middle Eastern countries ban Israelies dually because of their religion.

And where was the outcry when Saudi Arabia left 300,000 tents to collect dust rather than house more than 3,000,000 refugees?

“But what about Stephen Paddock?” Well, sure. The worst mass shooting in American history was not committed by an Islamic Jihadist coming from a country listed in the travel ban. Even so, he went on more than 10 cruises that visited the middle east.

Numerous protests were held to rally against Trump’s decision, but here’s the problem. Protestors think they had a moral high ground because there were protests supporting refugees. However, these protests were bankrolled by Hungarian billionaire scam artist George Soros.  If you call that moral high ground, then you have lost your place in the political world.

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Jorge Velasco is a Political Analyst at theDailyLead and contributor for Nova News Breaking.




Jorge Velasco

Jorge Velasco is a 15 year old core conservative and Founder and CEO of theDailyLead.

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