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President Trump has had many accomplishments, but in return gets no praise from MSM.

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President Trump has had many accomplishments, but in return gets no praise from MSM.


Dr. Oliver McGee put it best: “The main stream media is doing the American People a disservice by not adequately and accurately covering @realDonaldTrump accomplishments. RT if you agree.” I retweeted his tweet because nothing had ever been more accurate. Unlike Trump’s predecessors, the leader of the free world has accomplished many weren’t expecting.

This goes without saying, whether a liberal, conservative, libertarian, socialist, anyone. Having successfully achieved a 3% GDP with the impact of Hurricane Harvey, Maria, and Irma speaks bars. He’s allowed private healthcare choices for veterans of the United States Armed Forces, putting America first and sticking to one of his campaign promises. He penned to an executive order for religious freedom and to end the persecution of minority groups.

This won’t be a report over what the Trump Administration has carried out for its first year, but these are all nonpartisan achievements that benefit the American people. Moreover, opposed to the mainstream media’s opinion, networks such as CNN and MSNBC have repeatedly refused to acknowledge how he has proven his skeptics wrong. This has nothing to do with policies, but more with a trend.

It’s become a social trend to hate President Trump. Long before his presidential campaign began in 2015, he was known as a TV personality who cracked jokes on his Twitter. But now that he is President of the United States, many Americans feel that he needs an attitude change immediately in order to be a good role model. Having said that, his approach to political correctness hasn’t changed since his first day on Twitter and on his campaign trail, yet he has proven on various occasions to have a so-called outrageous character and has achieved countless victories in the White House.

So, how come you don’t hear about this often? Let’s start with the news you watch. If you watch watch and read Fox News, Breitbart, the Drudge Report, Washington Examiner, or any conservative outlet, this article isn’t for you. However, if you read NPR, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, or any liberal outlet, than you may have not heard what POTUS has done during his time in the White House. Perhaps you didn’t know the Federal Reserve has increased its interest rates three times since Trump became President Elect (it only increased once under Obama). Perhaps you didn’t know the national debt has decreased over $100B since his inauguration. If you didn’t, than that falls under the fault of the mainstream media. They only choose to address what they think is “bad” in order to follow the trend that he is falls under every category the Founding Fathers did not want to see.

Ever since Trump took office, the tendency for MSM to report biased stories against the President has increased exceptionally and will continue to. They continue to fool themselves into multiple fallacies of him potentially turning the U.S into a nuclear wasteland and a crashing economy. Along with this, MSM also falls into the deception of hypocrisy and duplicity.

For example, the beloved host of MSNBC evening show, Rachel Maddow, insisted to her viewers, that if Trump was ever elected, he would crash every global trading market. That did happen due to uncertainty of what he would bring to the table, but instead has seen a soar in the Dow Jones Index 500 from under $20k to almost 26k since January 20th of 2017.  Now, she believes the market increase has nothing to do with President Trump whatsoever.

Jake Tapper conducted a live-on-air interview with White House adviser Stephen Miller. Abruptly, Jake was deemed as “condescending” by Miller, telling Miller to “calm down”. In annoyance, Jake sent the show to a commercial break and dismissed Miller.

A Media Research Center study suggests that analysts found 1,123 out of 1,228 statements made about the president on the “Big Three” news networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) during September, October and November were critical of Mr. Trump. Only 105 of the statements were considered positive in tone or content. A Pew Research Center study suggests the U.S media bias ranks last in the world. That goes to show how ignorant the MSM is.

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Jorge Velasco is a Political Analyst for theDailyLead and a contributor for Nova News Breaking. 

Jorge Velasco

Jorge Velasco is a 15 year old core conservative and Founder and CEO of theDailyLead.

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