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How hypocrisy from leftists entails conservatives to be realists.

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How hypocrisy from leftists entails conservatives to be realists.


I came across a Facebook post someone had shared not too long ago, and the title was “Good People Don’t Defend A Bad Man”. Reading this article by John Pavlovitz, he asserted that “Good people don’t refer to entire countries as ‘shitholes'” and “Good people by any measurement we might use—simply don’t say such things”. Now, spoken about many times, Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric was taken as unforgivable. He claimed illegal aliens that cross the southern border are “rapists”, but “some are good people”. But many also twisted his words and actions. For instance, CNN tricked their viewers by saying Trump mocked a disabled reporter from the New York Times, when actually, he wasn’t.

Going back to Pavolvitz’s quote, good people don’t call countries shi*holes. However, in an article of his two weeks before Trump’s inauguration, he wrote an article titled “Thank you, Hillary”. He thanked her because she “never talked in nonsensical sound bites”, but she labeled black people as “superpredators”and joked about “colored people’s time”, so that’s not something a “good person” would say. She “just kept on being decent” but left soldiers to rot in Benghazi, so that’s not something a “good person” does.

As for Donald Trump, he takes everything into full consideration because he doesn’t utilize political correctness. That’s because he’s simply a realist and not an apologist which consists with much of the left.

When the Washington Post reported that the Trump Administration allegedly banned words at the CDC (they didn’t [and numerous other sources say]), editorial boards across the nation were engulfed in rage. CDC officials said this didn’t come from the Trump Admin. But where was the outrage when President Obama banned words like “jihad”, “Islamic extremism”, and “Sharia Law” because they were “religiously charged”?

It’s simple. He didn’t want to face the reality of what the threat had been since 9/11 rather than conclude to a liberal falsehood. It’s a full blown censorship to the American people to ban words. And if words like these were banned, then ignoring radical Islamic terrorism is impossible to address the real threat of today’s national security.

In late 2017, SCOTUS approved President Trump’s travel ban and has been in full effect since then. The left felt shocked when they heard this news, but where was the hissy fit when Obama banned Iraqi refugees for six months due to two Al-Qaida members living in Kentucky, moreover “Islamic extremism”?

Maybe Obama had a microscopic amount of realism in him. But that doesn’t dodge the fact that his side of the political spectrum was and still is filled with apologist hypocrisy. In December of 2009, he said ““I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street”, but just two months after he left the White House, he gave a Wall Street speech for over $400,000. Fellow Democrat Elizabeth constantly criticizes the top 1%, despite being part of the 1%. Hillary Clinton was also given over $48M by private equity firms during her 2016 presidential campaign to give speeches, compared to Trump’s $19,000. Obama supported the Secure Fence Act, but mocked Trump’s wall plan. The list could be as long as the Constitution.

President Trump doesn’t have a “Muslim ban” because his adversaries claim that his rhetoric insinuates all Muslims are terrorists. He is banning certain countries that entail terrorism or terrorist supported states. The top five countries with the most Muslim population are Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nigeria. Notice how NONE of these countries have been placed on the travel ban. This is an example of political realism.

So once again, realism will always beat apologism no matter what the circumstances are. If you come to face the facts and evidence rather than coming up with excuses, you’ll most likely get more sense out of realism. Don’t shun something out because you don’t like it. Be real.

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Jorge Velasco is a Political Analyst for theDailyLead and contributor to Nova News Breaking.



Jorge Velasco

Jorge Velasco is a 15 year old core conservative and Founder and CEO of theDailyLead.

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